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Article Processing Charge

No Article Processing Charge (APC) until 30th June 2022

We are pleased to inform you that this journal will waive the APC (Article Processing Charge) until 30th June 2022. This will be applicable for any submissions received before this date, which are accepted for publication after peer review.

All articles published by The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal (TABCJ) are freely accessible. In the open access publishing model, the publication is considered as the last phase of the research process and the publication fee of an article is paid from the author's research budget, or by the grants of their supporting institution. The publication fee covers the entire cost of the process of publication which includes

  • Peer-review management by the editorial staff and board

  • Preparation of manuscript in various formats for online publication

  • Hosting, Archiving and Maintaining the manuscript

  • Manuscript preparation such as copyediting, formatting, adjusting the layout

  • Developing and maintaining electronic tools for peer review and publication

  • Immediate, worldwide open access to the full article text

Publishing an article in The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal requires a nominal Article Processing Charge of 5000 (for Indian authors) and 150 USD (for international authors) that will be billed to the author after the acceptance of an article for publication. No additional page charges or fees for online color images will be charged.

The revenue generated through APCs also affords for supporting those authors who are unable to pay APC. TABCJ is dedicated to supporting researchers to overcome any monetary barriers to quality research benefiting from Open Access publication and offer APC waiver to authors for ensuring the publication of their quality research. Author's who do not have funding may contact us through for any available waivers. A fee waiver application is contemplated independently, and information about any waiver received will be kept discrete.

Please note that APC is subject to periodic revision. The APC is payable within 10 days of the intimation of acceptance from the editorial office. For payment, please fill in the manuscript ID, provided by TABCJ after submission, in the 'Purpose of Payment' section.

Note: These publication charges are applicable to invited authors also.