The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal (TABCJ)

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Focus & Scope

The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal (TABCJ) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, open-access online international scientific journal. TABCJ publishes original cutting-edge research papers, avant-garde review articles, short-communications, mini-reviews and perspectives of theoretical, experimental, or computational aspects in all areas of the biological, biomedical and applied chemical sciences; advanced techniques and novel methods with applications pertinent for studying, analyzing and understanding various biological problems.

The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal publishes original research papers and reviews on all aspects of applied biology and biomedical science. Recently, its foundation in 2020, when the whole world has been dealing with the significant disruption that is being caused by an unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, TABCJ offers a medium for research work focused toward a multi-dimensional approach to finding solutions to global problems. Besides the COVID-19, several other issues, including crop yield, alternative non-carbon fuel, anti-microbial resistance in pathogens, alternative medicine and community health, and waste management, have significant influences in the developing world and newly-industrialized countries. The journal primarily reports on developments for and from emerging areas, emphasizing the role of application biology and chemistry.