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Journal Overview

The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal (TABCJ) is an open-access journal devoted to publishing outstanding scholarly research in all aspects of application biology and biomedical sciences with a publication policy that cartels selection for the vast interest and significance with a devotion to serving authors.

TABCJ offers quick and precise evaluation and constant correspondence on the advances of the manuscript. Our editorial team, upon submission of the manuscript, works with an eminent editorial board of experts from all around the globe and selected reviewers to guarantee high quality and productive editorial and peer-reviewing process. TABCJ publishes four issues in a volume per year.

Benefits of publishing with The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal (TABCJ)

  • Maximum visibility: All the content published in The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal (TABCJ) is open-access and without subscription charges and registration. Articles published in TABCJ are made available for a broad, global audience on our website with article-level metrics and promoted via social media.

  • Rapid publication: The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal (TABCJ) offers rapid publication whilst maintaining a rigorous double-blind peer-reviewing system managed fully electronically; all articles are distributed as a blinded PDF form to the reviewers.

  • Convenient submission: To facilitate the submission process more convenient to the authors, The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal (TABCJ) provides complete guidance, from manuscript preparation to submission, available within the manuscript guidelines.

  • Transferable peer-reviewed submissions: The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal (TABCJ) encourages the authors to submit the manuscripts with reviews from other journals. TABCJ is open to considering such manuscripts in order to reduce the time spent on serial submissions and to improve the efficiency of peer review. Authors wishing to submit transferable peer-reviewed manuscripts to TABCJ should email us at to enquire about the eligibility of the manuscript.

  • Pre-print server transfers: The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal (TABCJ) welcomes the submission of manuscripts that have been or will be, submitted on a pre-print server. Authors of the manuscripts on the preprint servers can also submit their manuscript; authors can email us the direct link of the manuscript at including a cover letter explaining the importance, suitability, and potential interest to the readership of TABCJ. If the manuscript is found suitable for TABCJ by the editorial board then the manuscript will be directed for the submission process.

  • The author holds the copyright: The authors of the articles published in The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal (TABCJ) hold the copyright of the articles under CC BY-NC 4.0.

Specifics About the Submission and Publication Procedures

- Publishes original findings on all aspects of applied biology and chemistry

- No additional page charges

- No extra fees for online color images

- Open Access publication

- Authors hold the copyright of their articles under CC BY-NC 4.0 (Creative Commons - Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International)

- Nominal article processing fees, levied after acceptance of the article for publication

Average manuscript life cycle at The Applied Biology & Chemistry Journal:

  • Rejection without Peer-review: 2 days

  • Preliminary screening of the manuscript: 2 days

  • Peer-review process: 21 days

  • Average time for the manuscript to appear online: 45 days